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Tired of always having to vacuum? Then laminate is the flooring for you. In recent years laminate manufacturers have made strides to get the look and feel as close to hardwood as possible without  the need for as much meticulous and tedious care required. We have a huge selection of styles and colors to choose from, so you can get that look that's just right for you

We offer a wide variety of carpet, from simple remodel carpets to carpets that make you feel like your walking on a cloud, whatever you require in carpeting we provide.


There is a tile option for nearly any application and your imagination and creativity are your only limitation when installing tile. Form porticos in a dining room to a tiled hearth in front of a fireplace, you can adapt tile to nearly any surface, indoors or out. Tile can be installed on floors and walls, in the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and even bedrooms. While no floor remains entirely maintenance free, tile comes about as close at it can to being service free. Short of application of occasional seal and, applied once every four years or so, tile requires only the regular cleaning that any flooring surface would require. With installation of grout, tile becomes almost impervious to water damage, and can be cvrtually hosed off if necessary